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At the time of Wang Fu's illness, Wang Jinghui experienced the difficulty of being a doctor in this era: under the influence of traditional morality, Wang Jinghui mostly felt Wang Fu's pulse, but the treatment work had to rely on Su Shi next to him to help, which made him feel very helpless. From the time of organizing the "family nursing team" during the epidemic prevention, Wang Jinghui wanted to set up a nursing system so that nurses, especially female nurses, could do things that were not convenient for doctors to do. Of course, if we can cultivate a girl, it will be more perfect for Wang Jinghui. In fact, Wang Jinghui is also doing this, but it is not mentioned on the table. When he invented the stethoscope for female patients, there was always a girl at the other end of the curtain to coordinate with the doctor to move the position of the stethoscope; as for the girl, there was also conscious cultivation among the orphans he adopted, but it would take several years before it could be used. But now he can't wait, the girl can be released first, but the female nurse is imminent, at least Su Shi's wife must have one, otherwise sooner or later there will be big trouble. In ancient Chinese history, the only woman engaged in medical work was the midwife. If Wang Jinghui wanted to expand the female medical staff,Chinese spa manufacturer, she had to work hard on the ancient profession of midwife. Although the medical development in Song Dynasty was very rapid, it was still very backward for the midwife's professional level. In this era, it was very difficult for the children of emperors to grow up healthily. The birth rate of most princes was very low, and many of them died in their childhood. Qian Yi was a pediatrician in this era. However, although Wang Jinghui had heard of his name, he knew that Qian Yi was still alive. But Qian Yi does not seem to be in Kaifeng, the capital of Bian. Wang Jinghui's pediatric level is the worst,hot tub manufacturers, if Qian Yi is nearby. He has already gone to visit this generation of doctors. Soon came the news that the civilian hospital recruited midwives, which not only made outsiders feel very confused, but even the doctors inside the hospital were very surprised about it, and could not figure out what Wang Jinghui wanted to do. But in the eyes of herbalists, they do not regard midwives as their peers, and they are extremely contemptuous of them. Recruiting midwives with the reputation of the civilian medical center is naturally an easy thing. Fifteen midwives have come here one after another. When Wang Jinghui told them that they would be employed by the civilian medical center for five yuan a month, but they had to be trained to deliver the puerpera, the midwives who were over 40 years old were very surprised, because they were all "amateurs". In peacetime, there are things in different places. When delivering babies for others, they are also introduced to each other by acquaintances. Delivering babies can only be regarded as their sideline. Of course, if they specialize in delivering babies, they still have five yuan to get every month, which is the most wonderful thing. The herbalists were surprised, jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers ,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, too, because the pay was almost half of their monthly salary: what else could they do besides delivering babies? Is it necessary to pay them so much? In the face of everyone's questions, Wang Jinghui said: "Do you think someone is having a baby now?". How many of them will be safe? How many children can get through the early childhood stage smoothly? Rarely! And it's really too much trouble for you men to see a woman. It's too embarrassing to ask about the patient's condition. If you don't understand, you're afraid of an accident. These midwives are mainly used to deliver babies now. In the future, they will gradually teach them some means of seeing a doctor. If there is anything you are not convenient to ask, they will ask. Anyway, they are both women, and both sides will not feel embarrassed, which is also a great benefit for you to diagnose the patient.
So as not to ruin your reputation if something goes wrong! After hearing this, these herbalists nodded their heads, because they were most afraid of receiving female patients. At this time, herbalists had a female wall chart for female patients. The herbalist pointed to the wall chart and asked, "Is this it?" Both sides feel very embarrassed, sometimes ask half, people can't stand to go back; even if reluctantly ask is two big red face, the herbalist also dare not ask too detailed, hurriedly give the patient a prescription to finish the matter, after the event also worry about what to do if there is a problem.. In short, herbalists are most reluctant to receive female patients, especially when they encounter female patients suffering from some unmentionable diseases, they dare not ask casually at both ends. With these midwives in the future, with a little training, although they dare not expect them to be able to sit in the hall to see a doctor, at least it is much more convenient to ask about the condition of female patients, and they are more confident when prescribing. After the doctors figured out this joint, they all raised their thumbs to Wang Jinghui: "Shifu has many ideas, even this can be imagined, Gao!"! It's really high! Coming to the Song Dynasty for more than a year, Wang Jinghui learned that the most important rule of doing things in this era is to find a high-sounding and impeccable excuse before doing things, and to do things under this banner without any disadvantage, which also made him sigh with emotion. These midwives, the youngest of whom were in their forties, were summoned to work in civilian hospitals, and naturally there was no "indecent" gossip outside to annoy people. These midwives will play a great role in the future. Wang Jinghui is not in a hurry to put them into practical use. Instead, he takes out the manuscript of a medical book he specially wrote, Obstetrics, and then gathers these midwives in a room. Because most of these midwives did not go to school to read, Wang Jinghui needed to read to them tirelessly, and then they needed to tell them some practical experience of delivering babies before, so that Wang Jinghui could revise the book. "Obstetrics" is only written by Wang Jinghui with what he learned when he was in school. He did not specialize in midwifery, and he was afraid that what he wrote was wrong. Just to write training materials for these midwives, with their practical experience as a supplement, the accuracy of this book is much higher. Due to the limitation of the medical level of this era, the mortality rate of infants in the birth and rearing stages is extremely high. Wang Jinghui's book Obstetrics discusses the whole process of pregnancy,indoor endless pool, childbirth and postpartum in detail, especially the process and techniques of childbirth, which is more perfect after drawing on the practical experience of these midwives. monalisa.com