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After Li Feiran's hair was straightened and the dog's eyeliner was drawn, the whole person immediately became pure. "Oh, Xiaobai, have you heard?" She whispered as she looked in the mirror at the student spirit she was trying to create? Today, the crew next door stopped working for a day. I don't know what happened to Mo Xinghan last night. Half of his face was swollen and he seemed to have tinnitus. His agent took him to the hospital in the morning. Bai Yumiao said again in his heart, but on the surface he pretended to be very surprised, "ah?"? Did he get into a fight? Li Feiran said confusedly, "I don't know. I didn't say anything. I had to say it was done by myself.". Are you kidding me? Can you do that to yourself? Punch yourself in the mirror? Li Feiran's agent said in a low voice: "It seems that not only his face has been touched, but also his throat is very blue, which is scary to look at.". Director Chen Chukang was so angry that the leading actor stopped work the next day. The parts exposed in the camera were all injured and could not be covered up. When asked, he pretended to be stupid. Li Feiran snorted, "which need to ask.". Mo Xinghan is walking sideways in the whole crew. Who dares to touch him? He didn't dare to say that he was beaten. He must have been beaten by the people who put him on the set. The broker was suddenly enlightened, "Feiran, or your analysis is reasonable!"! I heard that the rich and powerful men are playing very fiercely. The visible places are like this, and the invisible places. Bai Yumiao coughed, frowned and said, "Oh,Horse weight lbs, all right, all right. Say something behind closed doors. It's not good to spread it out." He taught Li Feiran in all earnestness: "We want to be the innocent little cuties in the crew. We minors don't listen to these messy things." When Li Feiran heard this, he pretended and looked at his nails. "Yes, what you said is very reasonable." The door of the dressing room was suddenly pushed open. Hao Tuo plunged in and said to Bai Yumiao with his cell phone, "Here we are." "What's coming?" Asked Li Feiran. Hao Tuo did not answer and handed the phone to Bai Yumiao. Bai Yumiao took a look, only to see a marketing number five minutes ago sent a micro-blog, has now been marked on the hot,Walking tape measure, it can be imagined that it will not take long to rush to the hot search list. [@ Entertainment 88: a rich and powerful family who loves life and animals every day … … It's cold. It is said that in order to curry favor with the director of the new crew, the pig that you all love was roasted and eaten. Isn't he from an aristocratic family? How can he do such a perverted thing? Is he really not afraid that the outbreak will affect the family's reputation? Bai Yumiao clicked on the comments, which were generally divided into three groups. Fans collectively said it was impossible, passers-by looked confused and waited for the following, and the professional black people had concentrated their firepower. "What do you mean?" Asked Hao Tuo? How are you going to do this? Bai Yumiao thought, "Let Ma take Xiaoqi for a walk in the afternoon. Isn't it snowing heavily in Beijing today?"? Shoot a small video for Xiaoqi in front of the French window of the general manager's office. It's beautiful. Send it with the official blog that you can't starve to death. He said hesitated, looked at the time, "now only more than eight o'clock, four or five hours, Hong Tianfu should be able to buy a hot one.". Anyway, you can watch the time. Oh yes, let Martin secretly pick up Ma Yu and Xiaoqi. I don't know how many small eyes in my company haven't been pulled out. It's not exciting to leak the news in advance. While listening to the two people muttering, Wheel tape measure ,Pi tape measure, Li Feiran watched the real-time hot spot on Weibo. She was shocked and said: "Isn't Xiaoqi in your dormitory?" Bai Yumiao said lightly, "Xiaoqi dislikes the rain here every day, so he went back to Beijing to see the snow and listen to the wind.".
” Li Feiran reacted for a while, understood, and said, "Xiao Bai, why are you so bad? Mo Xinghan hasn't had time to pit you yet. You have to kill her?" "Mo Xinghan?" When Bai Yumiao heard this, he was stupefied for a moment and then curled his lips in disgust. "He's already miserable enough. What am I doing with him?"? Besides, my white young master goes out to work because he looks at the face of my white chairman. My father doesn't know him. Even if I get him to wear underpants on the street, can my father reward me with a car or a company? Li Feiran was even more confused when he heard this. "Then what are you doing?"? Crazy fight with the air? Bai Yumiao just smiled. The matter of Bai Yumiao killing a pig to please the director has been fermenting on the Internet all morning, causing a storm in the city. Killing a pig is a small thing, but it is a pet pig used by the young master of the Bai family to set up a person. It is said to be slaughtered, but also to please the director. It not only shows that Bai Yumiao is cold-blooded and ruthless, but also reveals the bad atmosphere of the rich son who does not care about public opinion at all and does whatever he wants. Bai Yumiao himself did not speak, as if he had acquiesced in his crime. On some petal, some Ya, some Hu, the post that evaluates Bai Yumiao quickly kills the screen. All kinds of high knowledge and high opinions emerged one after another, and thousands of words of small compositions were sent out one after another to criticize the bad rich and powerful sons represented by Bai Yumiao. At 2:30 in the afternoon, half an hour after # Bai Yumiao killed a pig to please the director # Occupy Hot, the official blog suddenly posted a short video. In front of the clear and bright French window of the general manager's office, Princess Xiaoqi, wearing a pink gauze skirt and a crystal crown on her head, sat on the cream carpet with two pig's feet. It was snowing heavily outside the landing window, and the whole city of Beijing was shrouded in a quiet beauty. The little sow was in a romantic mood, with her nose against the window, looking at the snow outside and grinning. BGM is a romantic old song, "Snow, piece by piece, piece by piece, spell out the fate of you and me.". My love is born of you. As the camera slowly approached, a man's voice sounded, "Xiaoqi, say hello to your father." Hearing his name and the word "Dad", Xiaoqi turned his head, but when he saw the camera, he became nervous subconsciously. So the BGM was destroyed, and Qi wore a princess dress and farted a few times. ~ ~ ~ The short film came to an abrupt end. This is a short film with flavor. The video quickly hit the headlines, and the comment section was very noisy. Hong Tianfu was caught off guard by the video, and for a moment he couldn't tell whether it was really Xiaoqi or Bai Yumiao who had temporarily found a similar pig on top of him. But in any case,cattle weight tape, he could not be cowardly, so the professional black people in the comment area spoke in a unified way, saying that this was not Xiaoqi. tapemeasure.net