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In the evening, we dragged the mat to the yard. I tossed and turned and couldn't sleep. Liangsheng piled up some broken wood and wet grass in the yard and lit a thick smoke to smoke away mosquitoes. He gave me a fan, his forehead appeared a layer of crystal sweat, he asked me, Jiang Sheng, did someone call you today? I looked at Liangsheng strangely and nodded. I said, yeah. A friend. Liangsheng smiled and said that he could not see that our Jiang Sheng could also make friends. I laughed. I had a lot of friends, such as Xiao Jiu, Jinling, and people in our dormitory. Speaking of Jinling, I can't help thinking that I should call her. I don't know if she went to Nanjing and had a good time? Have you met any beautiful boys? Liangsheng said, I know, but Bei Xiaowu said that person was from the society, not from our school. I'm worried that you will meet a bad person. I stuck out my tongue and said, "I'm so flat anyway, and the bad guys will run away when they see me.". Liangsheng did not know whether to laugh or cry and said, Jiang Sheng, what kind of theory is that? I said, brother, it's not what you think. The man lost his cell phone. Ask me if I see it? It's not as complicated as you think. Xiao Jiu also got up and said to Liangsheng, Jiang Sheng didn't lie to you. The little childe is confused every day. Which onion and garlic is Jiang Sheng's bean sprout? Liangsheng said, I'm just asking. I asked Liangsheng, brother,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, haven't you contacted Weiyang since you came back? Be careful that the girl is angry. Liangsheng patted me on the head with a fan and said, what are you thinking in your head every day? I looked at Liangsheng's smiling eyes, but the corners of my mouth opened a bright smile. I closed my eyes and fell asleep. In my sleep, I was the cat named Jiang Sheng in my previous life, cold and proud. Do not understand tears, do not understand heartache. I also dreamed of Liangsheng, like a prince, sitting beside a piano, with his slender and shapely fingertips sliding over the black and white keyboard,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, and the moving music like running water pouring down immediately. He smiled with a faint smile at the corners of his mouth. There is also a beautiful girl beside the piano, who is as elegant and vivid as the clouds. I don't cry and I'm not sad, and I have a bright smile on my lips. Because, in my dream, I was just a cat named Jiang Sheng, cold and proud. Your death is related to your poor quality! (1) Xiao Jiu asked me, Jiang Sheng, how could your father and your mother be so sick? I looked at Liangsheng, who was pushing his father to receive the sunshine in the yard, and gently combed his mother's hair, very carefully. Now, the hair on the mother's head has become extremely fragile and sensitive. I am afraid that if I exert myself, they will fall off mercilessly. Just like the sudden mine accident in Weijiaping twelve years ago, it changed Liangsheng and my fate. I didn't answer Xiao Jiu. I love this moment, me, my mother, Quillaja Saponin ,D BHB Factory, Liangsheng, the quiet yard, and the cicadas screaming crazily in the tall trees. If life can stop at this moment, I will be happy to enjoy the beauty that is not good. Because at this moment, there is my home, there are two people I love most, my old mother and my dear brother. When did the mother become silent? Become silent. Yes, the broken life, what language can make it re-glue it? Many books and many words teach us to be strong. I think that's bullshit. As long as the tears do not flow from your eyes, you will never know how bitter the tears are. If Lu Xun lets his Xianglin sister-in-law live strong in the new society, I think I will go crazy immediately. Therefore, Lu Xun was still a literati who respected people's hearts very much. He made Xianglinsao crazy and died. As for those remarks, I'm sorry for your loss. If every time a disaster happens, such as a mine accident, let some high-ranking officials who make lofty comments die in the mine, what is the meaning of mourning for your loss. What is strong in the face of fate every challenge? The challenge of fate is always for the common people? And fate can only pick us, we can not fight! So the word "strong" is about zero. Moreover, people like my mother can not learn to be strong, at this time, I would rather she learn to cry. Better than silence now.
Many people may want to know how the Weijiaping mine disaster subsided 12 years ago? What kind of compensation did those who died receive? Then I don't want to borrow a new story of a master to give you an explanation: It is said that many people died when Qin Shihuang built the Great Wall, and Meng Jiangnu's husband Wan Xiliang was among them. Hearing the news, Meng Jiangnu felt that the sky was dark and the earth was dark. She suddenly fainted to the ground. When she woke up, she cried bitterly. She only cried so bitterly that the sky was sad and the sun and the moon had no light. I don't know how long I cried, but suddenly I heard a loud noise, and the Great Wall collapsed dozens of miles, revealing countless bones. Meng Jiangnu bit her finger and dropped the blood on the bones. She prayed in her heart that if it was her husband's bones, the blood would seep into the bones. If not, the blood would flow to all directions. Finally, Meng Jiangnu used this method to find the bones of Wan Xiliang. Holding the pile of bones in her arms, she cried and said, 'Lao Wan, your death has something to do with your poor quality.' On November 30, a leader of No.7 Coal Company said in an interview that 11? The main cause of the 27 mine accident is attributed to the poor implementation of rules and regulations by underground miners, and the quality of workers is far from our requirements. In fact, the same mine accident 12 years ago was also blamed on low-quality workers. Of course, the head of the mine, surnamed Yang, lost his competitiveness in the Weijiaping area. From then on, Wei Jiaping quickly entered the era ruled by Bei Xiaowu's father, the era of Bei Shu. Xiao Jiu asked me and said, Jiang Sheng, don't just be in a daze? How did Cheng Tianyou get Xiaowu's phone number? How did he know he'd find you? I pushed my mother into the house, smiled at Xiao Jiu and said, because I am the real wife of Bei Xiaowu. Xiao Jiu sniffed, sneered, and said, "Go to hell, you big fool. Don't have a spring here.". Liangsheng, I want to walk around Weijiaping and accompany me. I readily agreed, I asked Xiao Jiu, do you want to call Bei Xiaowu? Small 9 say,Thyroid Powder Factory, need not, the thing of our two women, call on a man why. pioneer-biotech.com