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"After our preliminary understanding, Jiang Xiaoqing's hometown boyfriend, is her junior high school classmate, dropped out of school very early to do business with his parents, the economic conditions are not bad, it is said that Jiang Xiaoqing's first love, but I do not know why, Jiang's parents do not agree with their contacts, he has been in his hometown before and after the incident, there is a full alibi." Basically, it can be ruled out that "Lao Xiang introduced the preliminary situation he learned in the past two days." College boyfriend, a senior student, claimed that he was not at school at the time of the incident, in his rented house, but not far from Xiaohuanshan. At present, there is no alibi. According to him, his relationship with Jiang Xiaoqing has been cold for some time. Jiang Xiaoqing will go to his rented place to stay in addition to occasionally coming back late. In fact, both of them are clear in their hearts. The relationship will not further develop, we checked Jiang Xiaoqing's mobile phone call records, recently,Magnesium Oxide price, the two of them really do not have much contact, of course, unless he has other numbers, deliberately concealed us. "Rich second generation boyfriend, this is more mysterious, Jiang Xiaoqing's classmates have not seen a real person, at most only see his car parked outside the school waiting for Jiang Xiaoqing, see what they mean,Magnesium Oxide MgO, it seems that Jiang Xiaoqing is not at ease with them, afraid of being pried the foot of the wall, has not been brought out to show them, there are also students who doubt whether there is such a person." However, according to the girl who has a good relationship with Jiang Xiaoqing, there must be such a person who has been dating for more than half a year. It seems that Jiang Xiaoqing has bought a lot of high-grade things, such as brand-name bags, new mobile phones and so on. "Has this rich second generation not locked in a specific person yet?" Gu Nan interrupted and asked. " Deng Jie and Dapeng have begun to check Jiang Xiaoqing's mobile phone call records one by one. If there is such a person, it is estimated that they will be able to find him soon. "Ok, let's focus on this work next. Let's split up and sift the other men who contact more frequently one by one to see if there are any other suspicious people." "The rich second generation, the father of the fetus, the owner of the button, the real murderer.." I think if these four are one person, it's very logical. Chao Po-tao stared at the drawing board and said slowly. "Lu nodded, Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP ,caustic calcined magnesite, and Chao Po-tao spoke her mind." It may also be a coincidence, Jiang Xiaoqing is just a random choice of prey, I have said, now the college students are very open, Deng Jie is not already seen it? Pregnant, go aborting to go? Not be the thing of what big deal "Xiaoding still quite the view that holds to oneself." The question is, how do you explain the button? The button has been looked at by people in the industry. It is basically certain that Xiao Wang's judgment is correct. Captain Cao and Director Xiu also attach great importance to this clue. Xiaoding, do you really think that the head-knocking ghost will be a rich and dignified person? Gu Nan raised his own question. Xiaoding hesitated and did not answer. The door of the conference room was pushed open, and a little girl from the office came in. She looked at Gu Nan and said, "Brother Nan, the diamond of Lu Wei, her husband asked us to contact her parents directly and let them take it back. Shall I call them to go through the formalities?" "All right, it's their family's own business." Before Gu Nan had finished speaking, Lu suddenly interrupted and said, "Group leader, can I send it to them after work at night?" Gu Nan looked at her with some puzzlement. Lu explained hurriedly, "I think her parents are so old and in poor health. It's inconvenient to run around. I'm going to go in that direction tonight. Take the formalities and let them sign for them. Isn't it the same?" "Well, it's a diamond after all, in case." Why do you take the risk? "Oh.." Then forget it. Lu could not hide her disappointment. She always wanted to find a grand excuse to see her parents.
Gu Nan looked at Lu Wei again and suddenly said, "If you really want to help, run a trip, be careful on the way, don't make any mistakes, or you can drive the car in the team directly, go now." Lu jumped up excitedly and followed the little sister in the office to take the formalities. Gu Nan's eyes followed her back, and a smile appeared at the corners of her mouth. Lao Zhao hurriedly said, "Look at our month, how good your mind is, right?" Gu Nan was told by him and quickly withdrew his eyes. Lu drove the car, first went to Wufuzhai to buy mom and dad's favorite snack, orange cake, before driving home. When Lu's parents saw that it was Wang Yueyue, the little policeman, they were surprised at first and knew that they had come to return the diamond. They hurriedly welcomed her into the house. Lu first routinely introduced how they asked about the whereabouts of the real diamond from Tao Li's mouth, and how they found the dirty man and took back the diamond, because they talked about the case again. The mood of the two old people inevitably became heavy. How could it be Tao Hui. "Alas." Father Lu sighed. Lu hurriedly took out the orange cake, saying that he bought it on the way and gave it to them. The two old people looked at each other and looked surprised. Lu knew that it was very abrupt for her to do so, but she could not care so much. She said with a shy face that as soon as she saw the two old people, she felt very congenial. She hoped that she could often come home and talk with them in the future. Lu's mother did not hide her doubts. She frowned at Lu and did not speak. The atmosphere suddenly fell into embarrassment. Lu felt his face began to burn. Fortunately, Lu's father opened his mouth in time. He looked at Lu silently and said, "It's all right. If you want to come and sit down later, come on. We are always at home." Lu Yi breathed a sigh of relief and left immediately. Sitting in the car, he was very happy. Anyway, he could come to see his parents in a big way in the future. Back in the team, the car was parked. Lu was just about to go up the stairs when there was a loud and heavy sound of footsteps. She raised her neck and saw that Gu Nan, Lao Zhao and Lao Xiang were rushing down in a hurry. When Gu Nan saw her,calcium nitrate sol, she immediately shouted, "Xiao Wang, you're back just in time. We're going to start right away. The head-knocking ghost is doing it again.". stargrace-magnesite.com