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"I want to associate with you, rabbit." Am I supposed to be grateful now? God, such a beautiful boy, like an angel, confesses to me in my room. I thought I would be happy if he kissed me even if he didn't like me, but now he wants to date me. Should I say okay, or nod? I should have been more active, but my whole body was out of control. I just looked at him, afraid that when I closed my eyes, it would all disappear. Won't you? "No." "Then associate with me!" It was supposed to be a good night, and Hoshino and I received a long kiss, accompanied by the sound of rain and the sound of sirens in the distance. Everything seems so touching, wonderful and psychedelic. This humid atmosphere should be the most suitable for lingering. He took off his father's clothes,rosmarinic acid supplement, and his golden skin was shining with sweat. He turned behind me and wrote "I love you, rabbit" on my back with his long fingers. Like a sweet disaster, my clothes were peeled off by him. I was embarrassed to hide myself under Hoshino's body so that he could not see me. Little rabbit, you are so cute. It should have been a good night, if not for the sudden strange noise coming from next door. The high-pitched voice came into my room like a tide,carnosic acid price, and I was even startled. The cry was like an alarm, and I seemed to lose my feeling. His eyes were a little red, and his hot body was close to me. He began to kiss me again. I ran away from him. Don't you think it's strange? I asked Hoshino. What's so strange? "Is it for the sake of association, or is it for the sake of association?" "What's the difference?" "Is it very different?" "What's the difference?" I don't understand what's different. What I want to describe is that Hoshino is very disappointed to go home. wWw. xiAoshUotxt.cOm Dad went to Jamaica. Novel txt heaven I didn't cry after Hoshino left, but I was in a daze for a while, because I wasn't sure what had happened. I simply feel that Hoshino does not love me. Then he passed out and had a sad dream. In my dream, I walked into a house. It was like my house when I was a child. The floor and tatami had not been changed. There was a picture of my mother hanging on the wall. I approached the picture to take a closer look at my mother, but I saw my own face. This must be my face, but it must also be a picture of my mother. Then I saw my father and some of his friends who used to play table tennis. They all had the same face as me and greeted me. I was so scared that I wanted to run to my room quickly. When I opened the door, ghana seed extract ,fenugreek saponins, I saw a girl sitting on my bed. This person should be myself, but her face did not look like me. If she's not me, who is she? But what do I look like? I was too lazy to say hello to her and looked for the mirror everywhere. I woke up before the mirror was found. In the morning, I looked in the mirror for a long time and closed my eyes to make sure I could remember my face. But when I looked in the mirror again, I felt that it was totally different from what I thought. What on earth am I like? It seems that the photos taken are always disappointed that they are not like themselves. This shows that we never realize the meaning of our existence, but only to influence others. All the changes began with the peeled cactus and the strange dream. At that time, of course, I didn't know that these strange things were nothing compared to what happened to me later. I went to the record store on Saturday after the rain and bought chicks on speed7 and DJ shadow8 CDs. Originally, I really want to turn over a few more CDs of idm9, but my mood now will never jump like receiving a phone call from Hoshino on the side of the road. If nothing else, I can walk to the adult store in five minutes. But you know, a lot of things can happen in five minutes. In five minutes, an African cheetah can run two or three thousand meters. In five minutes, a human heart can beat nearly four hundred times. In these five minutes, I may meet the person I love most in my life or be robbed of my wallet by someone. It only takes a few seconds.
But I saw a talking cat. The cat said, "Where I live, the ridge of the Green Mountain; where I swim, the vast space.." It sounded like poetry, and I grabbed it. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew my skirt up. In order not to let the cat escape, I can only let the passing uncles look at strawberry underwear in vain. In the wind, I smelled a fragrance with plant characteristics that I had never smelled before, and my eyes were blurred, and the light particles of many colors became more and more dense, gradually forming the appearance of a figure. It was a colorful shadow of a girl. I could clearly see her red hair. She was wearing a black leather coat and a short skirt composed of various bright colors. She was a real hippie in the 1970s. She ran past me and disappeared immediately, as if she had changed the angle of the light to make the shadow disappear. Let's go back quickly. It's been a long five minutes. The cat never spoke again and did not run around when it was brought back to the store. It just looked at the goods in the store as if it was very interested, and occasionally it would play a few excitement. Miss Rabbit, where did you get such an ugly cat? "Well, at the door." "I don't want to eat udon noodles today." "It has nothing to do with cats, Dad." "I say,stesweet stevia, if your breasts continue to grow like this, it will be too bad!" I ignored him, and I had a headache when I thought that Hoshino and I had let it go yesterday because of my father's sensational AV film. prius-biotech.com