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Isn't he a self-proclaimed thunder power? As soon as the cold smoke finger moves, a purple lightning strikes Cai Rong head-on, making him tingle all over and fall to the ground trembling. One side of the flirtatious woman was also implicated, the original charming big wave curly hair was split into instant noodles. The culprit led her little secretary away, but none of them dared to stop her. It was not until there was no sign of them that Cai Rong's men dared to help Cai Rong up from the ground. At this time, Cai Rong really wanted to smoke the skin of cold smoke and drink the blood of cold smoke. Cai Rong was originally a little famous official second generation + rich second generation in the imperial capital, of course, this is limited to the second-class circle of the upper class. On that day, he and his new girlfriend were dating in a high-end club, and they happened to meet the cold smoke who went to the club. Suddenly, he left his girlfriend and went with him. Those who can enter this club are either rich or noble, of course, except those who are kept by the rich and noble. Cai Rong, by virtue of his inertia, regarded Hanyan as a gold-digger who came to the club to fish for a rich husband. For this kind of woman, their attitude is frivolous, Cai Rong came forward to embrace the shoulder of the cold smoke, the words of molestation have not been said by the beauty to a shoulder throw. Of course, he could not swallow this tone, climb up and want to give the cold smoke a slap, the end is that he was beaten half to death. He was the only son of his parents. Of course, he would not swallow this tone and come to the door angrily. As a result, he came home dejectedly and pressed him to the door to apologize. Only then did he know how big the cold smoke was. Well, a man who knows the times is a great man. A man who can bend and stretch. He apologized. If so,collapsible pallet bin, forget it, he is wrong first, there is nothing to care about, who knows this is just the beginning of his nightmare. Half a year later, he took his girlfriend who had just dated a month ago to climb the Great Wall. On that day, the weather was rarely good, and there was no haze or hot sunshine. Climbed more than one, his girlfriend was really unable to climb, just as he was tired,plastic pallet manufacturer, so they stopped to drink water and rest. Just finished drinking a bottle of water, the eyes will see straight, another stunning beauty. He thought Hanyan was beautiful enough, but he didn't expect to see a woman as beautiful as Hanyan in his lifetime. The most important thing is that the woman also smiled gently to herself, which is much better than the ice mountain woman in the cold smoke. Cai Rong ripples, devilishly following behind the beauty, even the angry girlfriend is ignored. Followed the beauty to the most luxurious restaurant nearby, the beauty saw him after the gentle attitude, he thought the beauty was interested in her, mind began to ripple, came forward to embrace the beauty's shoulder. Who knew that the next second she was beaten black and blue by a sweet-looking woman. He won't let it go so easily and go home to ask his parents to help him get revenge. But he didn't even know what the beauty's name was, and he didn't find any useful information, so Cai Rong had to swallow the humiliation. A year later, he got engaged. The other party is the immediate superior of the father's immediate superior. He is a high marriage, naturally to please her big-name fiancee, his fiancee is also a beauty, plastic pallet containers ,drum spill pallet, he is not a loss. Taking advantage of the day when there was no haze in Beijing, he took his fiancee, Li Qingqing, to dinner. Just met the beauty and cold smoke, he held a belly of fire immediately broke out, came forward to pick up the cup of water from the head of the black-hearted beauty down. The next second, he was beaten by the cold smoke. He can't afford the cold smoke, but his fiancee can. So he cast a cry for help to Li Qingqing. His fiancee is a good man, of course, attack, want to come forward to teach cold smoke, who knows to walk halfway but by beauty, should not be called Xu Chenwu to trip, so, he was once again beaten half to death by cold smoke, his fiancee also lost face, the first thing to go back is to dump him, then, father was demoted, you say, he can not hate them? However, knowing the background of the two men, he still did not have the courage to provoke, so he had to swallow the pain in his stomach. He thought he could not take revenge in this life, who knows the end of the world came, he awakened the most powerful attack of the thunder power, his father was not infected, so the top became a zombie boss, became a moderate manager of the imperial base, he also lived in the base of the second generation of ancestors.
When he saw Hanyan and Xu Chenwu in the street for the first time, he couldn't believe it. When he found out that it was really the two of them, he came forward aggressively to seek revenge. He thought that this time he could not only get revenge, but also press them under his body. Who knew that he would be defeated again. He would never let these two women go without face. Cai Rong's eyes are full of gloom, he can not beat Li Qingqing ah, Li Qingqing her father is one of the four giants of the imperial capital, itself is a double power. I've been on the line with Hanyan since then. Although she dumped himself to make him feel very humiliated, but there is no cold smoke and Xu Chenwu those two dead women hateful, the enemy of the enemy is his friend. The first thing to go home is to contact Li Qingqing. Began to consider after running through the alley is not to leave this group of people to run away alone, after all, the leader of what to have life in order to enjoy, not to mention without this group of people he changed a place is the same as the boss, people are selfish, disaster is imminent, there is no reason to ask him to accompany these people to die together. Wang Qiming, who looks simple and honest, is a person with the power of gold. His strength is extremely great, and he is even more invulnerable when using the power. He was a weightlifter before the end of the world, so his physical strength was very good. He followed Tian Wei, who was also a power. The wine glass fell to the ground and broke into glass slag, the snacks on the automatic feeding table were overturned, the screams of panic, the strange chewing movements.. Everything is out of order. He was overjoyed at the thought that Hanyan and Xu Chenwu were about to be cleaned up. There was no way out. She could finally get revenge. He was so excited that he couldn't help himself. It took a long time to get through the phone, and what came was Li Qingqing's impatient voice: "If you have something to say,plastic pallet manufacturer, say it quickly. I don't have so much time to talk to you." Cai Rong's face suddenly became very ugly, but at the thought of revenge, his voice became enthusiastic again: "I saw cold smoke and Xu Chenwu today." "Where?" Li Qingqing's voice was very excited. Cai Rong immediately smirked: "I don't know!"! I saw them near the real estate lobby. 。 binpallet.com