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But his teammates were more excited than him and rushed over and surrounded him to celebrate the goal. ※※※ When Guardiola poked the ball into the goal, there was jubilation on the Valencia coach's bench. Everyone is hugging, raising their arms and shouting. Chang Sheng is no exception. Thirteen minutes into the second half, he was able to equalize, which meant he would have more time to overtake the score! Even if it was just for this goal, it was the right decision for him to bring Guardiola to Valencia! Guadiola sounded the horn of the counter-attack for Valencia. The next game may be more difficult to play, but at least the team will not lose easily. Even if the score is maintained until the end, it is obviously better for Valencia than losing to Real Madrid. Chang Sheng pursues victory, but he also considers reality. What if you really can't win Real Madrid? He hopes to come away with a draw. Bianchi, the legendary coach,deep draw stamping, once said: "If you can't win a football match, don't lose." Cruyff, the godfather of Barcelona, said something similar. Both of them are great managers. They all say that,Magnetic Drain Plug, and it's obviously the right thing to do. But before that, Chang Sheng will not give up the pursuit of victory and be satisfied with a draw unless he has to. So when Guadiola and his teammates ran to him, Chang Sheng rushed to them and shouted at them: "See?"? You see that? Since we can equalize the score, we can beat them! Continue ※※※ When Guardiola scored, the Madrid journalists in the media seats looked a little unnatural, while the Valencia journalists cheered-they were lucky to equalize so quickly! Many people are full of expectations for the development of the game. They looked at Chang Sheng with a little more hope. Maybe the Chinese coach can really beat Real Madrid away from home? The white-haired Thor's frowning brows could finally be relaxed. Although the game is not over yet, he saw what he wanted to see in the performance of the players and the goal. This team is really different from the first half! Although some reporters are regretting that if the penalty kick in the first half had been counted, the team would have overtaken the score by 2:1. But it doesn't matter anymore. For Torra, Investment casting parts ,Steel investment casting, even if the penalty doesn't exist, the final victory will belong to Valencia! The young Chinese coach is really capable. I don't know what he said at half-time, but the restless hearts of Valencia players immediately calmed down and they resumed their most regular football of the season. ※※※ Real Madrid soon made adjustments, and when the game started, it was clear that they took their opponents more seriously. It is most evident in Raul. He could not help but start running forward to defend at the expense of his physical strength, and he was able to recover all the way to the baseline. When they began to really value Valencia, they played their own strong strength. After all, Real Madrid is not so quick to admit defeat! Del Bosque, on the other hand, pondered off the pitch why his team had lost the ball. Front-court pressure defense did not work, just let Valencia attack up. What really caused the ball to be lost was Guardiola's back insertion. Bosque began to replay the special scenes of the game in his mind. Real Madrid's biggest crisis in the first half was when Aimar burst into the penalty area. If Campo hadn't come back, Aimar would have scored, and even if the goal hadn't been scored, the penalty would have been clear. Del Bosque watched the first half of the game several times at halftime. He also thought that Campo was a penalty kick. It can only be said that Real Madrid had good luck in the first half, and main referee the penalty was directed at Real Madrid. In the second half, when Valencia counterattacked, it was Ibrahimovic who passed the ball to Vicente, who completed the shè door. Although there was no goal, it was the first bright spot in Valencia's attack in the second half.
Then the third shot was Guadiola's goal just now. This is the most important thing, Bosque seriously "resume" in his mind. Ibrahimovic received the ball-advantage Ibrahimovic received the ball. He made the illusion of turning around and attracted the attention of Real Madrid's defense. Then he passed the ball behind him to Guardiola, who was inserted in the back. There is no need to recall the next thing. Bosque recalled the incident over and over again and found an interesting phenomenon. That is Valencia's attack, always with Ibrahimovic as the bridgehead, Ibrahimovic's task seems not to score, but to attract Real Madrid's defensive attention, the real killer in Valencia's back attack! Bosque's mind suddenly brightened up. He's a La Liga coach and he knows all about Valencia's attacking style. He knows very well that the attack from the back is the characteristic of Valencia itself,titanium machining parts, and it is not even done after the victory of Valencia. Del Bosque had a rude awakening. He didn't expect to be fooled by Chang Sheng! When Ibrahimovic was in such a good state before, they all thought that Ibrahimovic must still be the main attacker in this game. Unexpectedly, Chang Sheng dared to sacrifice Ibrahimovic's fiery goal foot feeling in order to give himself a "surprise"! Bosque was surprised and turned to look at Valencia's coach's bench next door. That Chinese is really bold! ※※※ It's still the third watch today. (To be continued). xiAoshUotxt.cOm Chapter 92 the last fight. autoparts-dx.com