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"Oh, local chicken and tile dog, have you ever put it in the eyes of the king?"? Mr. Envoy, I think you also know that in the First World War of the Principality of Sulawesi, one hundred thousand allied troops were defeated by a division of the king, and such troops dare to call themselves elite? Mercenaries, hey, Bali is over, and the Kingdom of Sulawesi is dying. How many people are left who are willing to work for you? As for the Magi Khan and the Nanyang Alliance, it's not that the king despises them. When the parliament of the Nanyang Alliance becomes more efficient, you can place your hopes on them again. The Magi Khan, if they still have extra troops to go west, the king is thinking that they will only take advantage of the situation and get a share. Wufeng played with the delicate sandalwood in his hand, pulling it open and closing it, with a leisurely and contented posture, but his words were merciless, pointing directly to each other's vital points. To make eyes flashed a ray of anger mixed with the color of anxiety, obviously the first world war in the territory of the principality of Sulawesi to the coalition forces to bring the damage is enormous, in the case of absolute superiority was the other side to display magic means to turn defeat into victory, relying on the magic weapon to defeat the enemy like soldiers actually bite their own side, leading to the collapse of the whole army, greatly shaking the confidence of the peninsula coalition forces to defeat the enemy, This is also the main reason why the general took the initiative to seek a better solution. Your Highness,cordierite c520, if you can meet our conditions, we Mindanao can be loyal to you immediately, your army can drive straight through our Mindanao, Moro, Eastern Samoa, Lygon and even the three treasures will be like naked women defenseless in front of you, despite your luck, is this not your ultimate goal? On the other hand,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, if our people fight to the death, I think your Highness's chariot may not be able to run over the city of the four city-states smoothly, right? Is your Highness really not considering the pros and cons of this? No front also some admire the opposite to make very negative persuasive words, if not considering this, the other side also did not have the qualifications to talk with themselves, the Mindanao people still have more than thirty thousand regular army, although the fighting capacity is not flattering, but if they mobilize for war, desperate to defend Voda and Miyalo city, and the south of Bali is all mountainous, marching is difficult, Their army for a while is really hard to get away from the south, if really drag to the east of the mercenaries by boat back to the east, if you want to take the four city-states, don't know how much trouble to add. But the other side's proposal is indeed a bit tricky, Maloda's appetite is too big, 7g Ozone Generator ,alumina c799, actually want to be in charge of both military and political affairs, that is not to become the second self? Once this kind of opening is opened, the future trouble it will bring will be endless, which is absolutely intolerable to oneself. Mr. Special Envoy, the king would like to admit that your words are very tempting, but the king has never acted beyond the principle. The conditions within the scope of the principle can be put forward for discussion, but there is no room for negotiation outside the principle. The king can not agree to the first one you just put forward, but the latter ones can sit down and talk about it. "Well, Mr. Envoy, you go back to the inn first and think about it. The king also needs to consider your sincerity and weight. We'll come back to make a final decision in two hours." Looking at the back of the envoy's disappearance, Wufeng was lost in thought. Even Wen Jie, who had quietly entered from the side door, did not find it. It was Su Jie who touched Wufeng's arm lightly, and Wufeng woke up from his fugue. Er, Wen Jie is here. You probably heard clearly when I talked to him just now. Maloda asked for a high price. The city state of Galegon outside the three principalities became a county in the western frontier. He wanted to be the governor of both military and political affairs. Hum, he was self-aware. He didn't say that the three coastal city-states were under his jurisdiction. Otherwise, even I don't know why we went south this time. Although Wufeng's words are relaxed, everyone in the reception room knows that there are many complicated problems behind them.
"Your Highness, you don't have to worry too much, according to the understanding of subordinates, Maloda is a typical bully, in the face of our strong, his first consideration is his own interests, and completely put aside the interests of the Grand Duke of Medan and other Medan nobles, although the Principality of Medan is Maloda in charge of military affairs, but it is not his And the people have always been in awe of the strong, our army has been approaching the border of Medan, subordinates thought might as well try their best to take voda, and then come to maloda and even other people in power in Medan to negotiate follow-up conditions, mialuo is indeed an easy defense difficult to attack the dangerous, but the military strength of the people in Medan is not enough, as long as the captured voda, It was enough to frighten Maloda and other Medan nobles, and then perhaps the negotiating environment would be much better. Wen Jie, who had a well-thought-out plan, listened to the tetrarch's inquiry and immediately made a clean breast of the suggestion in his heart. Oh? Are you sure that our capture of Voda will not enrage the Mindanians who are holed up in Myalo? As you said, to storm Mialo is not impossible, but will delay a lot of time and bring a lot of losses, and once the mercenaries return to the east, we will be very passive, and the Magi Khan people and the Nanyang Alliance may send troops at the same time, I do not want to spill the blood of my sons on this land in vain, if not sure, I would rather choose to accept Maloda's terms. I'll try to figure it out later. Wu Feng's look at this time has become quite cautious, which may determine the key to the final outcome of the Southern Expedition, once lost, it is likely to bring irreparable losses. Jiangshan Meirenzhi Chapter 2 Qi Swallows Thousands of Miles Chapter 4 Competing for Deer Section 50 Asking for Price [Section 51 Planting the Flag] WenJie can feel the king of Qin in the words of the great pressure, now is not can take the duchy of Medan, but can in the shortest possible time to get through the Medan channel, to win time and initiative to take the four city-states, if in the conquest of Medan in a war to consume too much time,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, once the mercenaries return east, will make the whole south In particular, intelligence agencies have obtained information that the Pashas are actively negotiating peace with the coalition forces. global-ceramics.com