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"What is this?" Prince Li looked at the smile on the corners of Zhen yuanxun's mouth and felt that it was very harsh, and suddenly he had a bad feeling in his heart, as if it had something to do with the sound of fireworks outside. Heart faintly for years, but constantly in the bottom of my heart to cheer myself up, impossible, certainly impossible, now guarding the capital is their own belly, they can not betray themselves. It must be Zhen yuanxun pretending to be mysterious and cheating himself! Don't be taken in! Zhen yuanxun, who received signals one after another, was already very confident at this time! The capital was already under its control, and the palace had almost cleared out the rebels. Today's Prince Li, but is the strength of the work, not to be afraid. yuan Xun winked at the dark guard behind him and called for help. What he has to do now is to protect everyone in the hall and wait! What are you laughing at? I knew you were bluffing, huh! I first in addition to you, and then in addition to them, without these eyesores, Xiao Wang will be able to sit in that position, hum! Who dares to criticize when I see it? Prince Li was a little flustered, looking at Zhen yuanxun's eyesore smile, the bottom of his heart was very unhappy. Prince Li, are you still self-righteous now? What do you think was out there? Now that you are a strong bow, I advise you to surrender, and when the emperor wakes up, maybe for the sake of your surrender, you can still care about the family! Zhen yuanxun sneered. Unbridled, emperor son, quick,Amber Dropper Bottles, kill him, also waste words with him! He's stalling for time! If he really has the victory in hand, why are there only a few people? Even his parents can not be saved, the emperor son, you must not be hoodwinked by him, hurry up, kill them once and for all! Zheng Guifei felt something was wrong in her heart, and when she visited the busy figure of the national teacher on the other side of the dragon bed, she became more and more flustered, pointing to Zhen yuanxun and persuading her son to come. She said that something was wrong,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, looking at that person, the heart always looks familiar, but can not remember, now suddenly remember, just feel familiar, that person is the original national teacher! National teacher! Who's that? Can cure the bones of the dead, can bring the dead back to life, can know fortune and misfortune, the great man of this Dynasty! How could she forget him! Look at him now, maybe the emperor can be saved! Once the emperor wakes up, not to mention his son, can he still have good fruit to eat? No, she can't risk it. Only the dead will not cause trouble, only the dead can shut up, at this moment Zheng Guifei has ignored his previous warning to his son's words, what is justified, all of them were thrown aside by her. Somebody, give it to the king! Prince Li had already tried his patience and waved his hand, indicating that none of the guards were left behind. Just then, oil dropper bottle ,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, there was a sudden "kill!" Wait for the "crackling" weapons to meet the sound of fighting and the sound of the charge, Prince Li trembled in his heart, not just what Zhen yuanxun said is true, right? At this time, the guards also heard the sound of fighting outside, stared at each other, and hesitated to accept it! Although they are all the people of Prince Li, but the people in front of them are also Tianhuang nobles, royal children, whether it is the queen mother, the queen, or the princess, the prince, how can they kill these little people wantonly? When Prince Li saw that the guards had hesitated, he was furious. "What are you still hesitating about?"? You know, from the day you followed me, your life has been doomed, now either they die or we die, if you still hesitate, waiting for you is death! Do you want to die? "Humph!"! Prince Li, at this time, do you still want to make a desperate struggle? I can tell you responsibly that the rescuers have already arrived outside, and the sensible ones will soon take your men to surrender, otherwise.. Zhen yuanxun narrowed his eyes and looked coldly at Prince Li. The rebellious son! Don't you know it's wrong? Suddenly came the emperor's weak accusation, although small, but fell in the ears of the people like a bolt from the blue, surprised and happy. Prince Li's body shook, staggered back a few steps and almost fell, but he quickly recovered and looked around for a week. At this moment, for the first time, he had to be glad that he had kept a hand because of his scruples about Zhen yuanxun.
But originally did not think, really useful on the day. Prince Li looked at Zhen yuanxun with a sneer. Aren't you loyal? Then let me see what your loyalty is worth? Prince Li's eyes flashed a cruel smile, standing there coldly, like a devil from hell, only to see him gently clap a few hands. After a while, he saw Yun Chao and Zhen Zhen struggling to be escorted into the Gan yuan Hall with their hands tied and their mouths gagged. [Chapter 199 of the main text will pull a cushion even if you die] Although the queen mother and the queen are also shocked, the means of Prince Li, but relative to the emperor, they are most concerned about the safety of the emperor, at this time they are surrounded by the emperor. From time to time, his eyes were complicated and glanced at the captured Yunchao and Zhenzhen, as well as Princess Fengan. The national teacher had never paid attention to what had happened in the Hall of Ganyuan. He just treated the emperor wholeheartedly. Finally, the emperor snorted coldly again. "Wow," he spat out a mouthful of black blood. The startled queen mother and queen were busy asking for warmth and concern: "Your Majesty, how do you feel? Is there any discomfort here? Teacher Guo, what do you think? "Empress Dowager, rest assured, the emperor is all right, the rest as long as a good rest will be able to recover!" The national teacher once again took the pulse for the emperor. From the emperor to take the first medicine to the present, several have controlled the toxins in the body, just forced by helplessness, he used internal force for the emperor to force poison, prompting him to wake up ahead of time. Now, although the toxins in the body have not been cleared, at least they have woken up and spoken without hindrance! But the details, he still did not and the queen mother, the queen said, only hope that they do not have a heart! "Amitabha, Buddha bless!"! The great kindness of the national teacher, the mourning family is really grateful! The Empress Dowager put her hands together and began to recite Amitabha. As long as the emperor came to his senses,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, she would be willing to shorten her life. She had seen too much of Prince Li's tricks these days, and she lived in fear every day. Every day she did not know how much she longed for the emperor to wake up! Now that she is really awake, how can she not be grateful to God. penghuangbottle.com